What style of riding do you teach at Big Easy Stables?

Students are offered a wide variety of riding styles, which include English, Western, Hunter/Jumpers, Eventing, Cross-country, and Horsemanship.


Can I just show up to the farm?

No, you many not show up to the farm for the horses and your safety. All farm visits and lessons are by appointment only.


What should I wear to my first lesson?

You should wear long pants, boots with a ½ inch heel, and gloves. Long hair must be tied back in a low ponytail.


Do I need to buy any equipment?

Riding gloves and an ATSM/SEI approved riding helmet are required. Breeches and paddock boots are not required however they will make your riding experience more comfortable.


Are helmets required to ride? Do I have to purchase one to participate?

An ATSM/SEI approved riding helmet is required. We do have helmets for you to use if you do not have one of your own.


How long are lessons? When should I arrive? Is the entire lesson spent riding the horse?

You should arrive to your lesson 15 – 30 minutes prior to your lesson time in order to tack up and groom your horse. The entire lesson is not spent riding as part of horsemanship is spent taking care of the horse. Be prepared to allow for 15-20 minutes to cool down, groom, and put away your horse and tack after your ride.


Can I bring treats for the horses?

Yes you may bring treats for the horses. Our horses love apples and carrots!


Do I get to ride the same horse every week?

Part of developing a strong foundation of riding skills is being able to adapt to different horses. Therefore you will not always ride the same horse.


What is a riding evaluation?

A riding evaluation is a lesson where we can assess what you already know as a rider. It will help us place you in the appropriate lesson program to further develop your riding goals.


What is your cancellation policy? Will I still be charged for a lesson?

 All lessons need to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advanced or you will be charged for the full price of your lesson.


How do I schedule appointments? Will you contact me?

 We encourage you to schedule lessons in advance in order to retain a weekly lesson slot. You need to contact me either by phone or e-mail to schedule or reschedule a lesson time.


What type of payment is accepted? When is payment due?

 Payment is due before each lesson. Packages are also available for lessons and due in advance. Checks made out to Big Easy Stables, and cash are acceptable as payment.


Can I take pictures?

 You may take pictures, please refrain from using flash around the horses.


Are there any inclement weather cancellations?

 We ride in all weather conditions, however if the weather becomes too severe we will notify you of any cancellations.


Do you teach group lessons?

 We occasionally teach group lessons if riders have been evaluated and are at the same riding level.